Grow Up, Susan, and Not Just Your BUTT…

What’s my recent obsession with the recreation of childhood favorites? (or, last week favorites? Who am I trying to kid? You people bake as much as I do, it’s no secret…) It started with the Animal Crackers, and today I moved on to Sno-Ball cakes. I decided to make them a little more grown up, and I think I succeeded while still keeping the essence of the original kids-cake.

These are moist and delish – a devils food cake filled with a nice big dollop if coconut cream, and just for fun, I added a splash of Coconut extract to the cake batter before baking….I will not omit this step if ever I make them again, as this this was the BEST part! (or was it the center? or the frosting?)

After they cooled, I frosted them with a sticky marshmallow frosting, then scattered the icing with shredded coconut…YUM! I even tinted the frosting pink…who AM I? Where did I come from? Will I ever have a regular sized butt again? Ever?

Want a recipe? Ask and you shall recieve…I am currently too lazy to type it for this post, but would be happy to if someone loves the idea….(but warn your hiney – its gonna get ugly.)
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