Tuesdays With Dorie…Floating Islands

For this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie, Shari at Whisk: A Food Blog chose Floating Islands. You may not know Shari, but she is one creative lady and tears up the food blogging world. She once (or twice) made cookies in coin wrappers. She made the World’s Tiniest Cakes in stolen ketchup cups. She’s the mastermind of Whisk Wednesdays (a very elite uber dramatic weekly cooking group that I couldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole even if I wanted to.) That being said….

I want to be her.

My little brain just doesn’t work like that. In fact, my brain tends not to work at all anymore. Take for example, yesterday. Yesterday I went on a buying trip for my store. We sell – to put it nicely – junk. Flea Market types of stuff. You would not ever be able to find the places I go to buy this stuff yourself, I could not draw you a map, and forget about it popping up in your Garmin…it ain’t gonna happen. Anyway, ONE of the places I go accepts checks. One. So I stop by my store at 4:50am and pick up the cash I need and a check. I also pick up a list of stuff that we need. And a money bag. Out the door I go.

I shop. I buy. I find a phenomenal deal on Tide, all written in Chinese except for the word Tide, among other things. I am stoked. Finally, I am finished shopping at the one place that accepts checks when – what? – I Have No Check. Where is the check?? I walk through my day. Step by Step. I finally conclude that alas, I must have dropped the check in Plywood Shantytown, the worst possible place I went to that day to lose a check. I think about the next step – calling the bank to stop payment. Uck. My brain saw hooligans writing a huge check and forging a signature at Walmart, their carts full of Mad Dog and enough ingredients to make 72 batches of Crystal Meth. My brain? – well, it isn’t a pretty place to be.

So I get back to my store and start unloading the trailer. Wouldn’t you know my dumb butt laid the check on the counter as I ripped the shopping list from the notebook? No hooligans, no cheap wine, no meth. Thank God.

Floating Islands have nothing to do with this story, but here they are. Not too pretty, but done. I halved the recipe as Jon is out of town and I don’t need all the extra calories. I won’t lie and say it is my favorite TWD recipe, but it’s good enough. Meringue, to me, just seems more like a topping versus the actual dessert…but it was different and looks fancy enough, and would impress more than a few dicriminating folks. Not the folks at Plywood Shantytown, mind you, but then again, they are a different people altogether.

To see how the rest of the TWD Groupies fared, head on over to the Blogroll.

My brain is done for the day.
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