Tuesdays With Dorie…Parisian Apple Tartlets

Jessica of My Baking Heart chose Parisian Apple Tartlets for our Tuesdays With Dorie escapades this week. Thank you, Jessica! Let me tell you why…
Ease. Price. Taste. Hooray!
No dirty dishes, other than a spoon, a knife, and a baking sheet. Heaven? Probably.
But, and this is almost too pathetic to admit…I had never used a Puff Pastry sheet before. Ever. And even though Pepperidge Farm is all I could find, despite Dorie’s advice to use an alternative brand, well, this was really, really good.
I used one sheet and made two square tartlets and 2 larger rectangle tartlets. I placed my Granny Smith apples right on top of the dough, sprinkled it all with brown sugar, ginger and cinnamon, and added my pats of butter. Popped in the oven for 25 minutes…and Done. Too easy!
I think I would like to try this with cherries and rhubarb…and blueberries maybe? Peaches and cream cheese? What flavors do you think would be best?
On a very strange sidenote, I am curious…does anyone else ever think of Andy Griffith while peeling apples? I do. Every. Single. Time. Why, you ask? Well, there was this episode once, when the City Slicker Business Man was passing through town and his car broke down? On a weekend? And well, no one works in Mayberry on the weekend, you know. It was even a Sunday, I think. But this mean old city slicker was such a butt. Aunt Bea fixed him some dinner while Goober and Gomer fixed his car up, and Andy & Barney did their whole front porch sittin’ spell. At one point, Andy was peeling his apple and got uber excited when he peeled the whole thing without breaking the peel. I do that. I am Andy. Please don’t be the City Slicker…sit a spell. Relax. Work will still be there tomorrow.
So have a great day today and enjoy life a little! See you tomorrow with Wordless Wednesday!

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