cake snapshot

It’s been forever since I posted any pictures of cakes I have done for clients. Over a month!  Yes, I am still doing them…more than ever! In fact, I have done so many, that I haven’t even been able to photograph all of them.  That bums me out, too, because some of them were really pretty!

So, here’s a look at a few of my cakes.  Hope you like them!

toolboxcake martinicakezebragiftcakecu   mickey devilsfood1 bass2

And since I am on the subject of cakes, guess what?  I am teaching a Cake Decorating Class later this month! Yep, ME!  It’s an Intro to Cake Decorating.  Basically, it’s the kind of class I wish I had been taught YEARS ago…How to make yummy buttercream – REAL buttercream, not the all Crisco deal that most cake classes adhere to.  Then, how to pipe borders, make a few flowers, how to write and not make it look horrible, and then a glimpse into the world of fondant.  Everything you need to know in order to be able to go home and make a cake that you can be proud of. 

I’ve even lined up a repeat class for next month, as well as a fondant course, SO, if you are in the area, please send me an email of you are interested and I will get you the official info. I’d LOVE to have some of my readers there!

Until next time folks, keep safe and warm, and beware the next winter storm!!