Holiday Cards. Like…8 Weeks.

Yep. In about eight short weeks, we’ll all be scrambling around, looking for Christmas and Holiday Cards to mail. We’ll fret about who we forgot. Who we need to add. Who we wish we didn’t have to send one to. (Did I say that out loud?) And, if you are like me, you’ll be scavenging around the attic digging for the cards you bought LAST YEAR in January when they were a great deal, only to not find them until you do the exact same card purchasing THIS year.

Save yourself the hassle.

Ever since discovering Tiny Prints, I’ve found my go-to source for every card I send. Yes, EVERY CARD. They are GORGEOUS, a great deal, and I adore how easily they are customized. I also love not having to lick a bazillion stamps, but that’s neither here nor there.

My only problem? Deciding which card to choose. This year, I’ve looked at these:


I can’t decide. Maybe all? Maybe none? Maybe we need to have a family photo taken? Yes, we do. We don’t even have one, other than a snapshot from Easter the year after Seven was born. You’d think with the quality of camera I own and the fact that I take photos every flipping day I breathe there would be a family photo.


I need to remedy this. And then I reckon I’ll be choosing another set of cards.

On another card note, how do YOU arrange your Christmas cards when they start rolling in? Anyone have a clever idea? (don’t say fridge magnets please. I am anal retentive when it comes to things on my fridge. it’s a no-no.) Seriously – I need ideas! Send me ideas, links, wishes…I would love to do a round up of great ideas!

Until then, I need to order my cards. I mean, get a family photo taken. Or maybe at least put on some makeup. You, on the other hand, look great, I’m sure, and can go ahead and get to ordering your cards. Forget about that attic search…it’s fruitless and you know it.

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