Cool Kids Gifts…and a Giveaway

Still looking for a few more things for the kiddos?

(It’s okay if you haven’t bought anything yet, hey, I get it, it happens.  Somehow they have managed to remove a bunch of days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not sure how they did that.)

Well, here are a few things I LOVE, my KID loves, and they aren’t your same ol’, same ‘ol.  You’ve probably not seen a commercial for them, maybe you have, but they aren’t the typical gift.

Oh, let me just tell you.

imageFirst, we adore the Plasmacar.  I swore my child would not ride it in the house. Swore it.

But I ride it through the house, so it’s not fair if I don’t let him ride it in here, too.

It’s made of some form of magic.  No peddles. Turns on a dime. FLIES.  You just turn the wheel and off it goes!  It will hold 225 pounds, so Sev and I can ride it together if we want, no problem! (What other kids toy holds that kind of weight? Really?)

Anyway, you can get them on Amazon for around $50, free shipping.  Highly recommend it.


Aren’t these plates adorable?  I don’t have one, but they are too cute not to share.  I may have to break down and pick up a few as they are just too much fun.  You can get them at Amazon…I imagine hours of silliness from these Fred & Friends Plates.


imageIf you have a kid that’s into playing – with actual toys, and not just electronics – Playmobil toys are the way to go.  I especially love the Spy series they have.  Seven is a bit young for it, I think.  Not because he doesn’t get a thrill out of playing with this Agent Headquarters, (he does), but because he’s not responsible enough to keep the tiny little handguns and wine glasses (not kidding) out of the vacuum cleaner.  That set must have 70 different weapons, headsets, computers, books all smaller than a matchstick!  But, it’s a really cool set, very entertaining, and full of fun contraptions like a hidden spy room, jail, trapdoor, and even alarm system.  Jon plays pretend with him for hours!So, if you’ve got some boys around age 7-11 or so, this would be an awesome gift.

imageBecause I am a baker, I am always in the kitchen. Which means Seven wants to be in the kitchen.  He has 3 aprons of his own already, at age 4!  Kids like to imitate Mommy, so, a nice chefs hat and apron would be a fun gift.  I recommend this set from Playful Chef, because for $25, you get a ton of kid sized tools, cookie cutters, and apron.  Functional AND cute!

Finally, as I’ve mentioned before, we love to travel, especially to Italy.  It feels like our second home, and I can probably route you through Rome or Venice as easily as I can navigate my hometown.  However, my Italian isn’t great.  I can make do, but it’s not anything to write home about.  I have Rosetta Stone, and Jon and I are finally going to actually sit down in January and start it for REAL.  At his age though, Seven isn’t ready for Rosetta Stone, though he’s more adept at learning languages than I am, so I really want him exposed to the Italian language.

In steps Little Pim.  image

Such a great system! Pim the Panda immerses kids in a video of repetition.  Over and over, ever expanding.  It comes in 10 languages, but of course, I wanted Italian.  I think I’ve learned as much from it as he has!  Ours has 3 different videos – foods, for example is one of the DVDs, and through visuals and audio you are taught the different foods, plus things like “The baby is eating” or, “The girl drinks…”  Just like you learn English as a baby.  Repetition.

And? It’s under $50.


The Giveaway

I adore Little Pim, and I think it’s such a great concept.  So, I’ve arranged for one of you to have a set as well.  You can choose the language, so if Italian isn’t your thing but Spanish or Chinese is?  Well, you’re good to go.

Tell me which language you want.

That counts as one entry.

For another, become a fan of Little Pim on Facebook.  Tell them I sent you over! Do that then leave me a comment…you’re now entered TWICE.

For an additional bonus, please share this post on Facebook or Twitter.  Be sure to return here to let me know you did…that’s 3 chances.

Good Luck!

Three total entries per person, max. All extra comments will be deleted. Open to US Addresses Only (so very sorry Internationals, I do appreciate you, though), and is courtesy of and shipped by Little Pim.Giveaway ends December 22, 11:59pm EST.



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