R & R…in Wild, Wonderful, West Virginia

Did you know I grew up in West Virginia?

I did. I lived in the middle of the country, surrounded by trees and fields and family. My friends were my cousins. Our county borders Virginia, and if history serves me correctly, our county actually took sides with the South during the War Between the States. (Or, as many locals still call it – The War of Northern Aggression. Old habits die hard, I guess.)

I live only a stone’s throw from there now, but on the other side of the border in Virginia.

(NOTE: ESPN Commentators may not know this, but WEST Virginia is actually its own state, not WESTERN Virginia. WVU is NOT “The Other Team from Virginia”…they are truly in a whole separate state. It didn’t happen all that recently, either, see above and reference War Between the States or Civil War. Google it.)

Now that the geography lesson is over for today, I want to give you a sneak peek at my upcoming days.

Jon and I are sneaking away until Tuesday…to HERE…


imageThat would be The Greenbrier, located in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. Presidents, the rich and famous…all stay at the Greenbrier.

In case you’ve not heard of it, Google it. It houses the not-so-secret-anymore Fallout Shelter that had been reserved for the leaders of the free world, though now it’s open to tours and photos and imagining What If. It also houses an incredible spa. A movie theater. Golf Courses. And newly opened? A swanky casino. It’s also home to some of the country’s best chefs – one of whom I plan to meet to discuss a little breakfast dish recipe with which to share with you in the upcoming weeks!

Our plans are to relax, escape, and celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary a little early. We also have plans to meet up with this sweet creature and her boys as she moves them across country:

Yep, that’s Carrie from Fields of Cake. Fresh off her trip to Greece where she’s been living with her husband, Carrie is moving the family out to Montana and just so happens to be traveling by way of The Greenbrier. So, we’re meeting up for a little lunch date to catch up! Can’t wait!

I’ve been crazy busy this week working on posts, recipe development, videos, cake orders, and planning some amazing parties that will be happening in Seattle this June…plus working on a trip to Boston next month, and a family trip to Florida this spring. So much planning!

Don’t worry though – I’ve got some posts to keep you entertained in my brief absence…or perhaps you’d like me to “Live Blog” a bit from the Greenbrier? Just say the word, I like a challenge!

OHHH, one last note. We got an AMAZING deal on The Greenbrier, and YOU can too! It’s called the Tribute to the Virginias Special, and rates, normally $200 and more per night can be had for as little as $59. $59!! Check it out, and FAST!

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