Who Else is Scared of 2013?

I do not have triskaidekaphobia.

But I am frightened of 2013.  It scares me to admit that as well. 

I’ve been fretting about it for quite some time now.  Perhaps I am being unreasonable.  Perhaps it’s all in my head.  Perhaps I am overthinking the whole thing.

But this time last year, I was saying to anyone who would listen that 2012 was going to be MY year.  I meant it.  2012 was going to be MY YEAR.  And you know what?

It was.

  • I had two cookbooks published.
  • I had an all new kitchen installed, courtesy of KitchenAid.
  • I traveled to Seattle, to LA twice, to Monterey, to Fresno, to Florida, to Cleveland, Boston, and New York, DC, Gettysburg, Connecticut, Hershey, The Greenbrier, The Homestead, and a handful of Four Seasons Hotels.  Places I have only dreamed about staying?  I stayed.  All amazing.
  • I was spoiled.  I ate the best meals of my life this year.  The BEST.
  • I took a dream job as the Test Kitchen Culinary Specialist for Dixie Crystals Sugar.
  • I hosted a conference – A CONFERENCE – with my best friend Paula.
  • I saved enough money to walk into a car dealership and pay cash for a hot car.  All by myself.
  • I have a savings account.  With actual money in it.
  • I saw my baby off to Kindergarten, and he’s thriving.
  • I have a new cookbook under contract, and it’s HUGE for me. HUGE.  Full color. All my own. MINE.
  • I’ve had phone conversations with Guy Fieri and Spike Mendelsohn.  I met Ree, The Pioneer Woman.  And Bakerella. And Joy.  I would like to put Joy in my pocket, but I doubt she would like that very much, as my jeans are fairly tight.  I became friends – actual friends – with Duff Goldman.


  • My best friends – all bloggers.  And I get to see them, quite a lot.  Brandi, Paula, Bree.  It’s awesome.  We’ve been together a lot this year.  I am so blessed with friends like these girls.
  • I got to hang out with Ben Ford (yeah, Indiana Jones’ son) TWICE.
  • I discovered Special Brownies.
  • I did a 5k. For real.
  • I bought an expensive pair of boots, and I love them so much that I’ve actually worn them as much as they’re worth.
  • I gave up underwear and pajamas.  Trust me, it’s a good thing, but let’s not discuss it.
  • I’ve become addicted to makeup.  That’s good for everyone but my wallet.  Sephora stock is likely up due to my new habit.  But, I look presentable most days…no one needs to see me sans face.
  • I’m finding a new kind of happy.  I don’t know how to describe it, as it’s an unfamiliar feeling to me.  Happy should mean happy, I think, but I don’t really know what that’s even supposed to FEEL like, so, I am learning.  I think it’s happy.  So – I am finding it.


And so now maybe you see…2012 was wonderful.  Better than any one person should have.  Better than I deserve.  So for me to sit here and proclaim – “2013 is going to be MY year” seems so selfish.

I HAD my year.

Does 2013 have to be lackluster?  Can life KEEP getting better?  Does the universe work like that?  Is there a such thing as karma?  Can 2013 REALLY be MY YEAR, and 2012 just a precursor?

I WANT to be excited.  I want to believe that.  I do.  I want to say screw the bad vibes2013 will be as good as I make it.  The harder I work, the luckier I will get.  And I do work hard.  Harder than many.  I treat my blog as my business, and it is work.  You should see my schedule. My blog calendar.  I have boards and reminders and notes both paper and electronic.  I have a trip or two scheduled every single month through July already.

And I am scared.

Just scared.

Is that crazy?

I’d love to hear from you.  Just how crazy AM I?  Or – am I not crazy at all?

You know I care about what you say…  So say it.