Krispy S’mores…from Cook With 5 Kids

S’more s’mores on the blog today.  Good times, right?

I think so.

Today you’ll meet Sara of Cook With 5 Kids, who stepped up and offered to post for me.  What a sweetheart!  I love that she still has enough patience to let her kids in the kitchen…that says a LOT!  Though – how she does it, I’ll never know.

Give her a big welcome, won’t you?

Thanks, Sara!

S’mores is one of those desserts that everyone loves.  We have done campfires in Disneyworld with awesome s’mores. We have also done s’mores over the gas fire.  S’mores are delicious because all the components are pretty awesome.  Where can you go wrong with chocolate, grahams and marshmallows?

When Susan told me about her new S’mores cookbook I was so excited.  I have been a fan of Susan’s for many years now. She is an awesome baker, a wonderful Mom, and truly inspiring to this very small time blogger.  Susan was kind enough to include me in her guest blogger roll call while she is away on her book tour. I was so happy to be included!

I had a few weeks notice to create my very own s’mores recipe and while I planned what we would make, we had a big interruption in our life.  We got a new puppy named Molly.  There went my time.  5 kids and a new puppy is a huge time waster.  Luckily it is summer, so we have lots of free time.  But my recipe planning time went right out the window as we went on our 100th walk with the puppy.

My S’mores recipe is a super simple variation.  This recipe can be made with or even by your children.  My 5 year old made this all by herself.

Here she is breaking up the graham crackers.  Easy job for a helping child. See the menacing puppy in the background? One day soon I hope my 5 year old will not be afraid of our new puppy. For now, my little girl sits on the kitchen counter and helps me cook, and make s’mores for us to enjoy.

We call this recipe Krispy S’mores.  They are a combination of Rice Krispy treats and S’mores.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Krispy S’mores


  • 8 graham crackers, broken up into small pieces
  • 3 cups of milk chocolate chips
  • 2 Tablespoons peanut butter
  • 2 cups of mini marshmallows
  • 1 1/2 cups of rice krispies


Melt your chocolate chips and peanut butter in a double boiler or the microwave.  When everything is just melted, stir in the rest of your ingredients.  Stir gently and then place into a well greased 9×13 pan.  Place into the fridge for at least an hour if you like your Krispy S’mores cold and firm. Otherwise eat it right away with a spoon.  You can also place some on a nice cold bowl of vanilla ice cream.  It tastes great the next day too, (store it in the fridge) if you have any left. 

Here is the finished product.  You might notice some blue sparkles in there.  Creative addition by the 5 year old baker.  She thought it needed a bit of shimmer and added some sprinkles while I did some dishes.  Great creative, cook with your kids, and have fun!  Come visit me on my blog

PS – She’s giving a copy of the book away today on her blog…head on over!!

cookbook-coverFor almost 4 solid weeks, I will have a guest blogger here sharing their own S’mores recipe with you.  I hope you’ll share their posts the way that you share mine, and show them some love like you do to me!

And, if you are itching for more S’mores recipes…here’s that book of mine.  Grab a copy on Amazon!

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