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I was compensated by PARTNERS, A Tasteful Choice Company, for my time in creating this post. All opinions are my own.

My son Seven is turning eight.  Tomorrow.

I know, that sounds funny. Seven is eight.  It’s hard to believe…I swear he was just a toddler, climbing the stairs when I looked away, making silly cooking videos with me in the kitchen even though he was barely two.  But now he’s eight, and terribly independent.

He also has a variety of friends.  Friends of all ages, actually.  This summer, he had a houseful practically every day, ages 3 to 11.  And they ALL got along.  I was pretty surprised, but truthfully?  I was just happy he had people to play with, and as long as they were all having fun, even though I not-so-secretly abhor all children, it was okay.

Yes, I’m sorry.  I just can’t say I am a fan of kids.  They bother me, with their questions.  And always needing things.  And they’re sticky.  Especially the boys.  Just sticky and smelly and gross.  And they touch all the things.


Luckily for me, I had recently been approached by the Free For All Kitchen company to try our their product line.  They sent an huge assortment of gluten free crackers in lots of flavors (all great, actually!) and we topped those with cheeses and pepperoni to make fun little pizzas in the afternoons.  The kids had a great time helping make them, but even more fun eating them…they all acted so proud when they got to eat what THEY made.

Cute. (But still, sticky, gross kids.)

For dessert, we doled out the brand new Brownie Thins. Again, gluten free, and actually, lots of different allergen-frees.  So, I felt comfortable letting all of the kids indulge in them.  Healthy snacks, and I don’t have to bake?

Sign me up.


All of the products would be great snacks to take to the movies (Ok, I hide stuff in my purse, sue me) or to the park, or to tuck into a packed lunch if you are a lunch packer.  They’re also great for after-school snacks…so easy to throw together like we did making pizzas, or, just add cold cuts and sliced cheese to make a quick and easy pre-dinner tide-me-over for your starving child.

Does your kid come home famished, too?  What in the world?

Anyway…you should definitely be on the lookout for this product line in your stores…if you entertain kids at all, and are worried about pesky allergies you may not know about – or – you live a gluten free life yourself, these are a godsend. Distribution of Free for All Kitchen products is expanding across the country, with products appearing in many new stores across the East and West Coasts. For a full list of stores carrying PARTNERS products or for letters to request any Free for All Kitchen products at your local store, visit:

For more on Free For All Kitchen

You can find all of the product line and info about the company online.  Here’s a link to where to look!


Disclaimer: As mentioned, this is a sponsored post.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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