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Excuse the preface to the Seattle Dining Guide here, but I need to discuss Krusteaz.  Skip down just a few paragraphs for the best places to eat in Seattle – they are my favorites!

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One of the best parts of my job is getting to work with brands I adore, and another? Traveling. So, it’s a win-win situation when one of my favorite brands – Krusteaz – brings me out to Seattle for a long weekend of fun and learning.


Krusteaz is headquartered in Seattle, and for the past two years, as part of their team of Baker’s Dozen bloggers, I have traveled to Washington to visit as well as attend IFBC, the food blogging conference held in downtown Seattle. This year was just as exciting as last…we spent the day in the kitchens creating dishes using Krusteaz products. Believe it or not, this was the first and only time I have gotten to experiment with their flagship product – PIE CRUST. It was created by a group of housewives, this easy pie crust, which combines the mix with water. JUST ADD WATER. Crust. Ease. Krusteaz!


Secret? It’s incredible. I can’t believe I haven’t been using it all along. It’s a game changer, folks. My team of bakers used it to make little deep dish appetizers filled with cheese and sautéed veggies – and it was fantastic. Everyone was eager to get our recipe! (And just wait – I will share it with you shortly, I promise!)

After a fun day, we headed back to IFBC and downtown for the rest of the weekend. On Saturday morning, as part of my Krusteaz crew, I helped with a cute cookie gifting session led by Jenn of Hostess with the Mostess. We created bags and boats and tins of cleverly decorated cookies, and everyone had a ball. Afterwards, I joined in on some of the conference, but like many other bloggers, I took advantage of being in such a wonderful city and headed out to venture the streets.


Dining Guide Seattle

May I just say, I LOVE Seattle?

The food, the sights, the shopping. I’ve been a handful of times, and every time, I find more to lure me back. Have you been? Are you going? If so, let me know, I would happily share my findings with you! In the mean time, here are a few of my favorite foodie haunts in the Emerald City. Enjoy!

Serious Pie. Limited pizza menu, but excellent. Wood fire, fresh ingredients, small and cozy.

Dahlia Bakery. Tiny cubby hole bakery, with the most incredible coconut pie you will ever have. Go ahead and buy the cookbook – it will save you the hassle of having to go back and buy it later.


RN74. This Michael Mina eatery was so good I had to go twice in two days. Once for lunch and once for dinner. Don’t overlook the burger – it’s divine. The agnolotti filled with corn crema and burrata was perfection as well. And for dessert? Beignets. Have them.

Goldfinch Tavern. Formerly the Art at the Four Seasons, this elegant but comfortable restaurant has incredible views to go along with clever cocktails and impressive plates. Desserts are worth not eating your entire dinner, so keep that in mind.


Radiator Whiskey. At the Pike’s Market, you’ll be hard pressed to find more hearty and comforting foods. Tots covered in cheese and cheese covered in runny eggs? Stop. It’s all this good.

Disclaimer: As I mentioned, I am part of the Krusteaz Baker’s Dozen. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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