A New Way to Move #GetUpandGojiPlay

I was doing so good.

For real.

At one point, I was in the gym, the ACTUAL gym, 5 days a week. Chest Day, Leg Day, Back & Bis, Shoulders. You name it, I was doing it. The treadmill, the elliptical, the stationary bikes.

Heck, I was even swimming once per week, running (OUTSIDE!) and biking around town.

And then…


It’s so much easier to watch Netflix and drink milkshakes.

Or, if you are anything like me, you may ATTEMPT to watch a workout video, and get all hyped up about it, then find yourself 5 minutes in, sitting on the couch, wondering how many hours that fit chick on the TV spends every day drinking protein powder and dancing. Surely, it’s a lot. I bet she doesn’t even know what a milkshake tastes like that isn’t made of Kale and organic yogurt.

I’m sad for her… As I eat that doughnut.


I don’t think I am alone. I think a lot of us WISH we were gym rats, totally motivated to stay fit, but…there’s always an excuse.

No time. No energy. It’s just NOT FUN.

But, I may have a new solution for all of us couch dwellers.


Goji Play 2.

I’ll be honest, before I got an email asking if I would be interested in giving this new gaming system a go, I had no idea what it was. A Wii? Sort of?


Simpler. Portable. FUN. Especially for us grown up types. FUN at the GYM.

True story.

The Goji Play 2 is two bracelet type devices, with 2 buttons each. You wrap the magnetic bands around the arms of your treadmill, or elliptical, or bike, and your newly paired smart phone or tablet installed with the Goji Games will provide you some stimulation to keep you motivated throughout that boring gym drudgery.

There are LOTS of games to choose from, from Speed Bump to Smash the Blocks, but my favorite? Fisticuffs.

Think old school, back room boxing brawls. Like a real life Fight Club, but with far less bleeding. The harder I move, the more energy I have to throw knock out punches, so it’s always a challenge to get better and better. Same with the other games…the more you work out, the better your score will be. And before you know it, 30 minutes of treadmill has flown by, and you hardly realized the torture.


I love the idea behind this gaming system, as my son Seven is 8, and a huge techie. But, I want him moving. The Goji Play turns his iPad into an interactive exercise vehicle, making him want to experience the action as well. Perfect for getting all of us off the couch, and challenging each other by not only beating our OWN score, but each others.

With Christmas just around the corner, I would certainly recommend one of these for any family that feels like they need to spend a little more time together, especially if they want to be more active. Now that I have decided to once again tackle a Triathlon next spring, I know I need that kind of motivator in the cold, dark winter gym. Maybe you do too? Well, luckily, I have a discount code for anyone reading that will save you $10! Just click this link and enter my code (SUSANW10). These have JUST been released for sale, so imagine surprising EVERYONE with your cool find! Voila!


Goji Play 2

For more information of Blue Goji and Goji Play 2, check out these links, and follow the hashtag #GetUpAndGojiPlay:

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Disclaimer: I was given a Goji Play 2 to review, as well as compensation for my time. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

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