Destination Guide: Welcome to Miami

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami – as the song goes. Miami is a tourist hotspot and with good reason. It’s funny, bright, and active. Miami boasts both indoor and outdoor activities, things to cater to the intellectual as much as the glamazons. From boat rental Miami to stargazing – it’s all here. 

Welcome to Miami Beach

Miami is a destination for people who love life and want to experience a specific type of lifestyle. And while, like everywhere, Miami has its dark sides – tourists typically have a great time in the best areas. 



The Wynwood Brewing Company have set off a chain reaction. This brewery sparked the fire for the rest that followed. In fact, a city-wide boom of delectable beers and beverages exploded. If you decide to check it out, then you should add La Rubia on to your list of sips. It’s refreshing and punchy, this full blonde ale is stunning and enjoyed by the masses. 

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens

This massive 83-acre garden is named after the renowned resident of Miami, David Fairchild. It is arguably one of Florida’s most stunning places to visit. There is a lush rainforest, brimming with vistas, a sunken garden, a stream, and even a vine pagoda. If you have ever watched the movies of people strolling through the jungle, and into the wood, but would love to skip the things that could eat you in the night – this is paradise. 

Miami Beach Coffee

Lincoln Road

If you are the type of person who wants to shop till they drop, then shop some more then Lincoln Road is going to be your nirvana. It is an excellent spot for people watching too, with some of the most beautiful coffee spots in town. It was designed by Morris Lapidus in the 50’s and was nicknamed ‘The Fifth Avenue of the South’. Although, pretty much everyone refers to it as Lincoln now. It’s a cultural hub with plenty of events, coffee shops and of course – the shops. 

Miami Beach Guard Station

Beach Side

It wouldn’t be fair to talk about Miami without talking about the beaches. It is a stunning coastal place, so if you are skipping the beach and the ocean altogether then maybe it’s not for you. If you really want to make the most of it, you should consider renting a boat for a few hours and heading out to sea. Listening to the waves lap the side of the boat, with the sun’s warm rays bouncing around. 

Sky High

If you aren’t afraid of heights and are always ready to indulge in some cocktails, then Sugar is probably the place for you. Their cocktails are playfully named things like B Positive, Oh You Fancy, huh? And Inaperol Behaviour. Open 7 days a week with a range of food, and views that are unrivaled. Sugar is the rooftop bar and garden of the hotel East. It is a whopping 40 floors up, and you should definitely check the dress code and events before arriving. 


Driving Safely

In between your shopping trips and beach days, it’s also important to think about how you’re getting from A to B. If you want to enjoy cocktail hour without any consequences you may want to think twice about driving whilst you soak in the Miami atmosphere. outlines the most dangerous roads in and around Florida, so you may want to familiarize yourself before you set off on your trip. Driving can be a fun and free way to explore a new area, but you should always keep safety in mind too.


Miami is a something for everyone city. From dusk till dawn it’s a place you will never forget. 


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