Bed Hopping

No, not in the way you are thinking!

At night, when I am not particularly sleepy, but need to be, I try to put myself to sleep by counting things.  Sometimes I try to calculate how many dollars a day I need to make on this blog for it to be a “real” job.  Real as in, pays more real dollars than it does now, lol. Sometimes, like last night, I tried to decide the different things I would buy (almost all were houses) if we stumbled onto 5 million dollars.  Then just a million, because, well, 5 million is a LOT.  I think I drifted off before I could really count things up, because truth be told, I can’t really remember what all I did with that imaginary money.

The other night, however, I tried to count all of the different beds I have slept in in just the past 12 months.

Have you ever thought about that?  Most people will say 3 or 4, I am guessing.  A trip to visit friends or family, and maybe a vacation to the beach or something of the sort.

Me? I am having a hard time counting, so I decided typing it all out would help me.  You, dear reader, are just the (un)lucky soul along for the trip down my memory lane.

When Rust and I decided to do this – THIS being travel the world for the year (at least) – I never really thought we would do it.  Like – DO IT.  It’s a big dream and takes lots of planning, and quite honestly, a lot of love and patience for your partner.  I know there are days, maybe weeks, he wants to murder me just because I exist, and I am the only human he’s spoken to in English because I AM THE ONLY HUMAN HE KNOWS speaking English.  We stay in little flats, or little hotel rooms, days and months at a time, and we are our only real friends.  Sure, we text and message friends and family, but face to face conversation with anyone else? We go for weeks sometimes without it.  So having patience is key…and I am glad he loves me enough to not have killed me quite yet.  We still have a lot of travel plans over the next 6 months that I am looking forward to not being dead for.

So, last August we began.  I’m not going to list the actual dates of each bed, just the bed, and where it was.  I wonder if I will hit 30?  30 would be a lot for a year, I think.  Let’s see.

  1.  A Hampton Inn somewhere north of Austin
  2.  Air Mattress at our friends Scott and Tia’s
  3.  Our own bed in Spring, TX
  4.  A hotel somewhere between Texas and Virginia
  5.  My parents house in VA
  6.  My sister’s house outside of DC (she took us to the airport)
  7.  Our riad in Marrakech (a double bed)
  8.  Another bed in the same riad (a king)
  9.  A nice hotel in Gueliz, because we were sick of the riad
  10.  The Casino Hotel in Marrakech
  11.  A hotel on the way to the Sahara
  12.  In a huge tent made of rugs with an Italian couple, deep in the Sahara Desert
  13.  A loft apartment in Budapest
  14.  An overnight train from Austria to Florence
  15.  A double bedroom in Poppi
  16.  A king bed suite in Poppi
  17.  A queen bedroom in Poppi (we tried every bed on the property almost!)
  18.  A nice suite in Camogli, Italy
  19.  Our cabin on the Mediterranean Cruise
  20. A nice room in Venice, Italy…Oh my, that’s 20 already and I am just to November.  I hope I remember the rest!
  21. A hotel in Hope Arkansas
  22. Rusty’s bedroom at his parents house
  23.  A mattress on the floor of my grandparents empty house at Christmas
  24.  Our bed in Thailand
  25.  A hotel between Texas and Virginia
  26.  Our AirBnB flat in Colmar, France
  27.  Our AirBnB flat in Bayeux, France
  28. A cool little hotel in Paris
  29.  A hotel between Virginia and Texas
  30.  A night in Galveston at the San Luiz to get-away
  31.  The bunk bed at my parents cabin in VA
  32.  “My” bed at my parents cabin in VA
  33.  The extra bed at my parents house in VA, with Seven
  34.  The bed in our new house at Lake Conroe
  35.  The Hershey Lodge, PA
  36.  At my friend Dayna’s house in PA
  37.  A few nights at Niagara Falls, Canada
  38.  Somewhere in Ohio, not far from Kentucky
  39.  Another night in Arkansas
  40.  A fancy hotel in downtown Houston, because Rusty spoils me
  41.  A hotel in Florida, on the way to Orlando
  42.  A few nights in Orlando near Universal Studios
  43.  A couple of nights on Amelia Island (amazing resort!)
  44.  A couple of nights in Savannah, GA
  45.  A few nights in a Marriott in Atlanta, GA
  46.  Somewhere between Virginia and Texas

46. Wow.  Some were just for a night, some were for MANY nights.  Like, Thailand. We spent about 60 nights there. Colmar was 30.  Bayeux was 12 I think.  Poppi for 10 or 12, the cruise was 12, Budapest was 8.  That alone is 144 nights, not counting all of the others.

We know we are lucky.  Not many people can just uproot and take off like we have, and I am very grateful for the opportunity.  I’ve gotten so much from these travels – little things that add up.  Like language.  I know at least a few words and phrases in quite a few languages now.  Thai, French, Italian, Arabic, German, even a word or two of Russian thanks to our stays here in Thailand.  I’m working everyday to learn more Thai, but it’s hard. Not using regular English letters makes it TOUGH.  But we try.  Our friends here help us, and us them, a little every day. Two days ago, we learned our new favorite phrase…it sounds like “saww waww” – it means shut your mouth.

The world is big.  There is so much to see, to learn, to appreciate.

I wish I could give it to all of you, but I can’t.  You’ll have to do your own bed hopping.  And I hope you do.




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