Four Apps to Help You Prepare to Move

When you’re getting ready to move house you’ll have plenty of chores to organize. Whether it’s finding a removal company or decluttering your home, these apps can help you out.

1 . Moved 


When you’re moving home the ‘Moved’ app can help you to get organized. Here you can access different moving quotes, compare removal companies, and manage your schedule. You can search for packaging supplies, arrange storage options, have your mail forwarded, and declutter. The Moved app can support you to arrange every step of your moving process, to keep things stress-free.


  1. Moving Checklist Pro


Moving Checklist Pro is a great app to help you organize all your moving tasks. It’s far easier to plan your moving day with the help of this application. The list gives you detailed advice about how to prepare, from 6 weeks before, up until the big day. Using the moving app you can tick off tasks as you complete them, you can also add notes and keep track of your progress. With the Moving Checklist app, you can take advantage of features such as:


  • Customizable lists with 30 tasks to choose from.
  • Create moving day notes.
  • Monitor your progress.


  1. Clutter-Free


When you move home it can be useful to get rid of old items that you no longer use. To help you remove the clutter from your home, Clutter-Free is an excellent app. The app includes plenty of tips from decluttering experts. Using the application you can create a clutter-free plan to help you organize your belongings and get rid of the things that you don’t need. With the help of the clutter-free app, you can monitor your progress, get inspired, and complete clutter challenges! When you’re preparing to move home, Clutter Free is a very useful tool.


  1. Room Planner 


When you move into your new home you’ll likely want to decorate and make things look nice. With the help of the Room Planner app, you can create a nice layout, get inspired, and choose the perfect designs. The app offers plenty of design ideas and lets you test out what different objects will look like inside your home. There are plenty of great features such as:


  • You can use the app both online and offline.
  • Browse different types of furniture and use VR to test them in your home.
  • Change the color of the walls and experiment with interior design trends.
  • Share your ideas with your partner or friends.


When you’re moving home there’s plenty of organization. You’ll have plenty of chores to do so it’s a good idea to get organized early on. For a few tips to help you out, try considering the following.


  • Pack Early: It’s best to get your packing done as early as possible, this can help you to get a better idea of how much stuff you have, and get a quote from your removal company.
  • Sort Out The Legal Aspects: If you are moving to another country you may require the support of an immigration lawyer, to help you arrange the legalities.
  • Compare Providers: You’ll need to inform your energy and internet providers of your move. If you’re looking to save money, now could be a good time to check out new deals.


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