Travel Hacks

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We all know that you can save money by traveling off-peak or that rolling your clothing instead of folding it will allow you to pack more stuff into your suitcase, but there are any more unconventional travel hacks that you might not have heard of before, but which will make your trips far easier wherever you are going…


Incognito mode can save you money


Lots of travel websites use an adynamic pricing strategy, which means if you have looked at flights or hotel rooms for a given location before, should you do so again, the price may well be higher because they know you’re interested! 


By simply switching to incognito mode, you can fool the travel sites into thinking you are someone new, and thus, you are likely to be presented with a more reasonable price. Try it more often than not, it works!


Mark your suitcase fragile


This is really sneaky, but if you mark your suitcase as fragile, it will be sorted first, which end you will get it back first and you won’t have to wait in line so long like all the other suckers. Just make sure you keep this one under your hat because if everyone starts doing it, we’ll all have to wait again.


Citronella is essential if you want to avoid mosquito bites


When you’re at home should you have a mosquito problem, you can simply call in a reputable mosquito control company to rid you of the problem. When you are traveling that is not possible, and you are more likely to get bitten if you’re visiting a location that has a large mosquito population.


The good news is, all you need to prevent becoming a mosquito meal is to pack some citronella oil with you. Mosquitoes hate the smell, so if you mix it with some coconut oil and rub it on your skin or turn it into a spray that you can spritz on whenever you need it, you can keep the mozzies off you.

Pack a dryer sheet


If you are off for a long trip where you might not get to do laundry as often as you would like, packing a dryer sheet in your case will help to freshen your clothing so you can get an extra wear out of them. If the smell is really bad, spritzing with a little neat vodka will really help to get the stink out too.


Use Seat Guru to find the perfect seat


If you travel a lot, you will have come to realize that not every plane seat is equal. Eve seats in the same section of the plane can have more or less legroom than others. If you don’t want to be the most cramped person on the plane, visit the Seat Guru website and read the reviews so you can find the seat that is most comfortable for you. Sometimes, the internet is really great!


Try three hacks next time you travel and you’re sure to have a great time with as little trouble as possible.


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