Traditional Foods to Try Around the World

The world is filled with amazing foods that tell a unique story about the regions they originate in; perhaps that’s one of the reasons that visiting a country to try its local dishes is one of the best ways to learn and enjoy the culture. Here are some of the unmissable food experiences. 

Spanish Paella 

Spanish paella is a traditional dish that’s eaten in all parts of the country, north, and south. Spanish paella is made from yellow rice, vegetables including peppers and herbs, and plenty of seafood, especially shellfish and prawns. This dish can be bought at restaurants worldwide. 


Having a paella for your evening meal isn’t as easy as picking up the phone to order one or picking it randomly from the menu. A quality paella takes some time to make – usually around an hour – so if you want one, you need to phone ahead or make sure you are prepared to wait.   

Mexican Tamales

A tamale is a traditional meal from Latin America, but it has [made its way around the world because of its simplicity and flexibility; nowadays, you can find tamales all over the place with their unique regional twists. A Texas Tamales is one such variation of the traditional Latin dish.


There are two ways to try a traditional Texas Tamale, you can make one in your home, or you can find a high-quality restaurant online. If you want to make one, you will need some corn husks, some masa dough, a filling of your choice, and a quality tamale recipe from the internet.  

Indian Curry 

Indian curry is popular worldwide thanks to its spices and flavors, but there are a lot of variations in curry dishes from the region, especially between the north and south of the country. There is no single way to experience the rich variety of Indian curry; it needs to be a long-term project. 


Although it is a long-term project, it’s an enjoyable task. What could be better than trying a delicious curry recipe week in and week out or even visiting the country to get closer to the traditions? In India, high-quality currys are served in almost every hotel, restaurant, and cafe.  

Japanese Sushi 

Sushi is now an international dish, but it originates on the many islands of the Japanese archipelago. Japanese sushi is typically made with raw fish, fish eggs, and raw meats that are carefully prepared. Sushi often contains some vegetables and soy sauce for dipping in. 


Again, one of the best places to try sushi is in Japan, where you will be treated to the highest quality ingredients and the most expert preparation. That said, quality sushi can also be found in certain American States with a large Japanese immigrant population. You can also make sushi. 


Final Thoughts

Why not make this year the year you explore the world and try traditional foods made authentically? Undoubtedly, this is the best way to eat classic international cuisine, but it’s not the only way. These popular dishes also make excellent home cooking projects to learn. 


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