A Parents Guide to Minecraft

If you have a child then the chances are you will have heard of the very popular video game Minecraft. At its core Minecraft is a low-resolution 3D block-building game that allows the players to create their worlds and interact with worlds that others have created. However, because it’s so popular, there is a lot every parent should know about Minecraft before they choose whether to let their child play it. Read on to find out what those things are. 


Why do kids love Minecraft? 


Imagine a place you could go where you could build just about anything your heart desired and your mind could convince of. From castles to secret bases, to theme parks. Well, that is precisely the environment and experience that Minecraft offers to your children. The game is designed to allow them the freedom to create all sorts of things just like they could with physical building blocks in the real world. 




Minecraft also offers a cooperative mode, which means your child and their friends can work together to build the creations of their dreams. 


What are the benefits of letting your child play Minecraft? 


All too often parents think of video games as pure entertainment. However, it is crucial to remember that many games also help young people develop important skills from designing and working cooperatively to problem solving. 


Indeed, it could be argued that games such as Minecraft encourage creativity, as well as play, and so can help your child develop the skills they need for the future.


How can you help your child have a positive experience with Minecraft? 


There are several things you as a parent can do to help ensure your child has a positive experience when they play Minecraft. The first is to do some research into the best Minecraft servers as this will ensure that your child’s game is fast and secure. Not to mention that it’s full of fun places to explore and things to do. 


Safety is a very important consideration when it comes to kids playing online as well, and this is no different when it comes to games like Minecraft. The good news is that as a base game, Minecraft is relatively free of violence, gore and bad language. 


However, if your child plays a multiplayer game, they can be exposed to bad language or inappropriate behavior from members of the public. The best way to deal with this is to educate your child on online safety, and either limits their games to single-player, allow them only to play on servers that contain friends known to you and them in real life, or sit and play with them when they are in public games so you can make sure they are not exposed to anything that could be damaging or dangerous. 


How old does my child have to be to play Minecraft?

Something all parents need to know about Minecraft is that their kids will not be asked their age when they sign up to play. This means that little ones can pretty much play from any age if they are not monitored by their parents. However, Minecraft is appropriate for ages 7+-13+ so it will be up to you as a parent to monitor this. 


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