4 Wow Factor Dishes for Any Dinner Party


If invited to a dinner-party, you may be asked to bring a side treat or an additional indulgence people can enjoy. While this might be as simple as a bottle of wine, when it comes to a family dinner or a gathering among close friends, you may also be asked to bring along some food.


This is an excellent place to cook your own favorite specialty, and wow your friends or family with dishes you know they’ll appreciate. It might be that you’re wonderful at crafting stuffing for meats, or perhaps you know how to bring along roasted chestnuts, perfectly spiced, to add a beautiful, warming snack in winter.


However, if you’ve already played most of your greatest hits, you may be at a loss for what to bring next. Never fear, for this is quite a common concern, and we’re happy to suggest a few delicious dishes to get those creative juices flowing. This way, you’ll always secure your spot as the number one dinner party guest worth inviting.


Homemade Peach Ice Cream


After a heavy set of meals, all you wish to do is relax and spend some time in good conversation. That said, the post-dinner urge for some small nibbles and snacks can present itself, which is why bringing along something easy to eat – ice cream, can be wonderful.


On top of that homemade peach ice cream can be a perfect palate cleanser, and as it tastes so light and refreshing, can even cancel out the lethargic effects of a heavy meal. On top of this, you can make a large batch of peace ice cream and refrigerate or freeze it before arriving, bringing it to the party in the most convenient manner possible.


Another benefit is that gorgeous ice cream doesn’t have to take away from the dessert your dinner party host may have made. For instance, it can go well with a fruit crumble. You’re sure to have your friends licking their lips and asking for seconds.


Tasty Caprese Skewers


When bringing along a tasty treat to a dinner party you’ve been invited to, it’s important to not “show up” the host with amazing meals that take away from their own presentation. This is why simple additions are often the best.


Caprese salads can be very quick and easy to make, and so crafting some skewers with all the vital ingredients as well as a balsamic vinegar can offer a tasty starting bite without taking away from the main meal. 


With some fresh basil, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella balls skewered, seasoned and served with balsamic vinegar, you can bet that this light entree will be satisfying and delicious, but it won’t fill up stomachs so that the main meal can’t be enjoyed.


Mini Quiches


There’s nothing quite as tasty as finger food because you can eat as much of it as you want and still find room for the main attractions of the evening.


Mini quiches are a great place to start, as this pastry filled up with fillings like cheese, onion, bacon bits, spinach, feta cheese, mushroom, and onion can add a tasty savory, salty bite before the main meal.


These can also be served as a nice addition to a starter, or perhaps as entrees, you can serve when everyone is standing up and talking to one another. They’re also relatively cheap and inexpensive to make, showing your host that you did bring something, but didn’t have to spend the entire day planning out the intricacies of an intensive meal.


Buffalo Chicken Dip


Dips are a wonderful addition to any evening meal, because they’re totally optional, but can help enhance the food that’s already there.


A buffalo chicken dip, made with real rotisserie chicken, can be delicious. Simply shred the chicken, gain some softened cream cheese, a hot sauce that suits you, some sliced greens, and more, you can cook together until the dip is ready to be stored in a large container and served in little ramekins or pots.


Moreover, buffalo chicken dip is a little more exciting than a basic sour cream and onion, hummus, or whatever else could be purchased from the supermarket shelf on your way there. Here you’ve crafted a simple side dish, yes, but one that can be appreciated by anyone with even marginally good taste.


With this advice, you’re sure to bring some WOW-factor dishes worth appreciating to a dinner party you’ve been invited to. Of course, it’s always good to check ahead to make sure your side-pieces will work with the main meal. Most hosts will be happy for the contribution – and your presence most of all.

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