A Weekend of Cakes

Did everyone have a great Halloween weekend?  I hope so!  I imagine most of you are trolling the net today, trying to find recipes that you can use to rid yourselves of about 14 pounds of random candy.  I just told Jon that I will have to make some brownies and dump in all these candy bars – it’s crazy!

Our weekend has been pretty jam packed.  On Friday it was Jon’s Birthday, so we had a little Italian dinner party for about 12 people, and turned it into a beer tasting as well. So much fun! I, personally, am not a drinker. Not that I am anti-drinking, mind you, it’s just that alcohol is not something I enjoy the taste of.  But while we were in Vermont earlier in October, I picked up a few Woodchuck Hard Ciders.  These are awesome!  Think Asti Spumante mixed with apples or pears. So tasty, and not like beer at all.  Try it sometime – I really think you may like it!


Moving on…Cakes.  Since I made a chocolate genoise last weekend for my man, I went with his other cake favorite this time…Pumpkin and Cream Cheese.  So, to follow up a dinner of Chicken Tortellini and Gnocchi Sorrentina, we had big helpings of pumpkin cake.  The next day, Halloween, we were expected at my folks house for a little birthday celebration for my nephew, Nate, who shares Jon’s birthday.  I stayed up late on Friday nite finishing Nate’s cake – a 4 layer Red Velvet cake, topped with a big square of the Pumpkin Cake to make the clown’s body.  While it wasn’t perfect, it was cute…and something I may try to make again in the future.  Right now, everything is a bit of a learning experience when it comes to the 3D aspects, but I am really enjoying it!

On Sunday, I had another cake order due.  The details were pretty much left up to me, as the client requested only that the cake be chocolate, the icing be cream cheese buttercream, and that it have a soccer theme.  So, I went with a 3 layer Devils Food and cream cheese buttercream tinted light blue, and dressed it up with fondant grass and fondant soccer balls. I hope the birthday boy liked it!

On Monday I will be baking another cake order, this time for a little girl who “likes purple, pink, hearts and stars.” It, too, is a small cake, a square, and to be quite honest, I haven’t figured out quite what I want to do yet.  Any thoughts you’d like to share before I get started?  I’d love opinions! (yes, really!)

Until next time, have a great Monday!  

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