The S’mores Cookbook Tour…New York City

I love New York City.

Love it.

Every time I go, I feel at home. The towering skyscrapers, the shopping, the city streets, the bakeries, the taxies, the fantastic restaurants, the hotels.

Ahh, the hotels.

I fell head over heels for the Waldorf Astoria in August when I came through town for my book tour. So worldly and magnificent, grand, exquisite. Welcoming.

Waldorf Astoria® New York Hotel, NY - Park Avenue Entrance

So, so welcoming.

I was greeted via Twitter by the Waldorf before I ever arrived. I was on the train from Boston, and in comes a sweet tweet from the cutest PR gal. How great is that? But once I hit the door of the hotel, I was a goner.

A well appointed room, wonderful bed, great shower. Wifi for social media freaks like me was so appreciated. I loved the elegant hallways and doorbells. The old world feel. I just felt so at peace here.

The Waldorf Astoria® New York Hotel, NY - Superior Accommodations

And the location? Right on Park Avenue (and Lexington), just around the corner from Rockefeller Center. Not far at all to Times Square if you want to head that way (I always do.) I feel safe at night, I can always get a cab from the doorman. I know my way around here, and I LOVE that. I have a home in the busiest city where I feel good.

That says so much.

The Waldorf Astoria® New York Hotel, NY - Main Lobby

But food is a must, too, and the Waldorf does not disappoint.


I had my S’mores Blogger Lunch at Peacock Alley, a fantastic restaurant off the lobby. It was there I met the Danielle, who was the Food & Beverage Manager. She is a blogger, too! She hooked us up with a great table, wonderful service, and the food? Oh my goodness. We of course all had Waldorf Salad…to die for. After that, we had our lunches, but then the pastry chef outdid himself with AMAZING S’mores desserts. Just look at these things! I’m still drooling over them. Beautiful, for sure, but even better to eat. You can’t even imagine.


I was thrilled to have such a great group of bloggers from the city join me, and we had such a fun lunch. Thank you ALL for coming out on a busy day to hang out with me, I really appreciated it! And, once again, a huge thanks to Hershey’s for hooking us up with great goodies, I couldn’t have done it without you!


Soon I am going to share the rest of my New York trip with you – I got into all kinds of madness! Hopefully you’ll enjoy the city through my eyes (and pictures) – I love looking at other folks trips so maybe you do too!

See you then!

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