Sweet Luxury from Frette

Soon, very soon, I hope, I am going to fill you in on what’s been going on here this summer.

You see, I decided this spring that I needed a vacation house.

Now wait! Don’t run off, thinking I’m too big for my britches and have money oozing from every pore. That’s not the case. My vacation house? Most people call it a cabin. I prefer to think of it as a cottage. Whatever it is, I would associate it with the ever-so-trendy Tiny House movement, as it is, in fact, a very tiny house. 16 by 24. I designed this masterpiece on a piece of graphing paper, handed it over to my husband Jon, and he has set about turning those pencil marks into an actual building.

The summer kind of got away from us, and we had a few set backs, but the structure is there. It’s waiting for its metal roof to go on, its windows and doors to be installed, and the siding to go up. But it stands, it has walls, a loft, and has all sorts of potential.

I have grand plans for this tiny house buried deep in the woods. I imagine it to be artsy. Not cabiny. Fun colors that say vacation in the living area and yet peace in the bedroom. Rustic but charming and clean. A place where I can escape from my job on the Food Blogger Floor of the Internet, sit back with a good book, teach my baby ducks to love me as we waddle to the nearby pond (no, I don’t actually have ducks but this is my dream, so just go with it), fish with Seven a bit, get sun tanned in the summer, cook over an open fire in the evenings, and take outdoor showers.

Yes, I have it all worked out, and yet, I don’t even have windows.

It will happen. Hopefully by Christmas.

As I am lucky and get to travel a lot, and to places that downright spoil me, I want to spoil myself and my friends and family here as well. One way is with quality linens. I always get excited when I read online that the next hotel I will be visiting has Frette linens. Call me pretentious if you must, but lord, it makes a difference. Climb into bed just once, and you’ll feel the quality. So my shopping side has gotten the better of me and I have been nosing around their website. That, and the sweetest gal from Frette asked me to pass along a deal to you, and let you know they have a new line out for Fall. I like sharing good stuff with you!

Now – look at this set. This screams relaxation to me. So subtle. Inviting. I want.

Now the bath. Tell me you wouldn’t want to be wrapped in this lusciousness. Everyone should have an amazing bathrobe. (Hint, my birthday is coming up in just a few short months, anyone.)

I adore that color. Sure, I could do white, but I would end up getting it dirty. I know me. Pearl gray is where it’s at.

I also LOVE the simple and elegant Hotel Collection. I mean, if I am going to have a vacation house, I should be On VACATION, no? Why not make it as nice as I can?


What do you think? Going overboard, or makes sense? I think we are all friends here, so…you’d want to come stay a night or two in a place filled with these things, no?

Oh! That special code for Frette! You need this, I know, I know. Go use it!

FREESHIP will get you Free Shipping.


Hope you have fun shopping!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Frette. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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