Start Your Day Right With One of These Beverage Options

For most people, what we drink first thing in the morning is related more to habit than to anything else. We’re accustomed to sipping a certain beverage when we wake up, and so we continue to do so.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like, of course, but sometimes it can be fun – and potentially beneficial to your health – to mix things up and try different things. Below, we’ve provided a list of suggestions you may want to consider sampling in future…

beverage variety


If you find yourself in need of a jolt of energy in the mornings, and have a fondness for intense coffee flavors, then you simply can’t go wrong with espresso. It’s thought that in addition to providing an energy boost, drinking espresso can also help improve digestion and even strengthen long term memory, so there’s really no downside here. It’s usually best to invest in your own espresso maker to ensure a pleasant taste, so it’s worth visiting the site All the Stuff to compare the different options available before deciding which might be suitable for your needs. For an extra boost, you can try combining your morning espresso with a piece of dark chocolate – the two flavors complement one another perfectly, and can add a touch of indulgence to your morning.


Ice cold plain water

Most of us are mildly dehydrated when we wake up each morning, so water is a great way to counteract this issue, and choosing ice cold water will help to wake you up and feel more alert. While it is not the most exciting option on this list, choosing to start your day with ice cold water and then perhaps progress to one of the tastier options on this list could well be worth considering.


Water with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is said to offer a number of health benefits, but – as one would expect, given that it is quite literally vinegar – is rather unpalatable if consumed in isolation. In combination with water, however, apple cider vinegar works surprisingly well, adding a hint of sweetness that can liven up your morning no end. To make, add around a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to a standard eight-ounce glass of water to ensure the added flavor remains pleasant rather than bitter, and wherever possible, choose apple cider vinegar that is sold “with the mother” to enjoy the most significant health boost.

espresso and tea

Ginger and lemon tea

Ginger and lemon tea is something of a classic combination for good reason. Ginger tea on its own is known to be beneficial for health in and of itself, but can be somewhat bitter and unpleasant. Adding lemon to ginger tea improves the taste significantly, while also upping the overall nutritional content and health benefits of the beverage. There’s a variety of different ways to make ginger and lemon tea: you can try simply adding ginger root and lemon to a mug (as pictured above) for a milder taste sensation, or use ginger tea bags and a dash of lemon juice if you’re looking for a stronger, spicier kick.


Black tea with lemon

If you’d prefer a more pleasant, less medicinal tea to try in the morning, then consider black tea; its an eternally popular choice for a reason. However, rather than adding milk, add a slice or two of lemon to your mug; we discussed above, lemon offers health benefits of its own. However, the black tea and lemon relationship is particularly important: black tea can somewhat inhibit the body’s ability to absorb iron, a problem that lemon juice – which helps the body to absorb iron – can counteract.


Aloe vera juice

You may be familiar with aloe vera in terms of skin care, but the fact that the juice of the aloe vera plant can be consumed tends to be overlooked – which is a shame, given the health benefits it is thought to offer. Aloe vera juice is a particularly good early morning drink due to the high volume of anti-inflammatory compounds the beverage is believed to contain, which can help to get your day off to the best possible start. You can buy cartons of premade aloe juice online, or try making your own if you prefer.

green smoothies

A green smoothie

Green smoothies are a great choice of morning drink for two reasons in particular. The first is the sheer nutritional benefits green smoothies can offer; these smoothies tend to rely heavily on leafy green vegetables such as kale and broccoli, all of which are rich in iron and various minerals. Secondly, green smoothies can be constructed from whatever you have available; you can follow recipes if you wish, or you can simply freestyle and go with whatever you think might work. You will need a blender to make your smoothies; there’s a wide number of options available on the market, so you should be able to find one that suits your needs and budget with ease.


Pineapple juice

Starting the day with fruit juice may be a fairly routine choice, but pineapple juice tends to be far less popular. This lack of popularity is somewhat surprising, given that pineapple juice can offer a perfect combination: a genuinely pleasant drink and a healthy amount of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are thought to be conducive to good health. Wherever possible, it’s best to make your own juice from a fresh pineapple fruit; simply place peeled pieces of fruit into a blender and then strain the mixture into a glass. Alternatively, you can buy store-bought versions, but check the label to make sure no unnecessary sugars have been added during the manufacturing process.


In conclusion

Ultimately, the first beverage you drink in the morning can help to set the tone for your day – and, as we have discussed, can perhaps even offer health benefits too. By changing things up and trying something new, you may just find a new favorite – or two! – that can help to make your mornings that little bit brighter.


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