Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide for Men

The great thing about having an SO that is a foodie is you don’t have to fall back on boring presents when a special occasion rolls around. In fact, instead of always resorting to aftershave and socks, there is a myriad of fantastic and sometimes weird food-related gifs to choose from. You can even find a rundown of the best foodie gift selections below. 


There is quite the selection on offer when it comes to cheese-related gifts. The first of note is the many cheese making kits that you can now get online, even from sites such as Amazon. Of course, the benefit of buying a kit over the individual ingredients is that your other half will have everything he needs to get started, as well as the instructions. Something that can make it easy to get going as well as a lot more fun and a lot less daunting. 

However, if the man in your life would rather taste cheese than make it, there are still plenty of other gifts options to try. One is a cheese and oatcakes hamper like the one you can see here.

Alternatively, what about a high-end cheese-related gift such as an olive wood cheese board and specialty knives? Items that will make his cheese tasting experiences more enjoyable every time. 



I’ve heard that people on this planet don’t like chocolate, although they must be few and far between. Chocolate, in my opinion, is one of the best gifts to give anyone, not lease to the man in your life. 

Of course, to get chocolate gifts right, popping to the store and grabbing a bar of Hershey’s isn’t going to work. Instead, look for high-end brands like the slavery-free Tony’s Chocolonely, that come in more refined flavor combinations. These include milk caramel and sea salt or pure pecan coconut. As a bonus, this brand comes in some beautiful old school rappers reminiscent of the Wonka bar in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Something that makes them an impressive-looking gift as well as one that tastes great. 


Baked treats 

Traditionally, celebrations are a time for enjoying baked treats such as cakes and cookies, so giving these to your SO to mark a special occasion absolutely makes sense. You have two options to consider here as well, the first being to get into the kitchen and knock up a batch yourself. A choice that can work well if you love you to bake, and that will allow you to make your guy’s most favorite flavor. 

Alternatively, if you’re not so much of a whizz in the kitchen, you may wish to choose Gifts for him that come in the form of cupcakes that can be delivered. The advantage of this option is that no matter where your guy is, whether it be work, home, or even off playing sports, you can make sure they deliver directly to him! 


No one for vegetarians or vegans, but for those still indulging in carnivorous delights, meat can make an excellent gift for the male foodie in your life. However, to make things unique, avoid heading to the butchery counter as usual. Instead, why not opt for something that is not a regular part of his diet? 

Of course, you can choose fresh meat, such as steak, or exotic types like crocodile, emu, and buffalo. However, if you want something, you can wrap up like a standard gift, a selection box of pork crackling, beef jerky, or cured meats can be a great choice. 

Finally, when it comes to meat-related gifts, why not consider investing in a day for your SO where they get to learn how to make their sausages? These experiences can be a great deal of fun, not to mention very educational. You will also be supplying them with a skill they can use for life, and imagine how proud they will be at their next BBQ when telling the guests that they made the sausages they are eating. All by themselves, and from scratch! 


Beer & Ales 

OK, so beers and ales are drinks and not food, but just like wine, they are seriously good when paired with the right menu. You can even get hampers delivered to your SO that will combine some delicious snacks like pork crackling and jerky with just the right beers to bring out the best flavors. 

Alternatively, why not consider investing in some brewing equipment, so your other half can make their own pilsner, beer, and ale. Brewing equipment can be the gift that keeps on giving because not only will your SO experience the joy of making it, but you both will get to drink it once it’s fermented too. 

Finally, don’t forget that when it comes to beer, a trip around a brewery can make a wonderful gift for the guy in your life. You will find plenty of microbreweries making craft beers all over the country too. Many also offer day and evening experiences that include locally sourced food. Oh, and a sample of their wears is always included in the price! 



There are two ways of going about giving snacks to the foodie man in your life. The first is to jump on the Pinterest train and go for the cute but slightly cheesy themed options, complete with his favorite chips, candy, and a rhyme. 


However, there is another option to consider here. It’s ordering a snack selection box. A gift that you can get from a provider that will put together some of the more high-end items in a gift box. All ready for you to present to your other half. Think things like macadamia nuts, luxury popcorns, pitta chips, chutney, and fudge. Some providers will even let you choose each individual item that goes into the treat box. Then, you can be sure that you will be getting all your guys’ favorites and that they will come packaged impressively. Although, how long they will stay looking that way, when he dives to open and enjoy them quickly, is anyone’s guess! 


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