Give Your Kids the Best of Yourself


Sometimes it can feel like we are operating on half capacity as a parent. Perhaps it’s only when we are on vacation that we feel more relaxed and open and are therefore being a better parent. But then it goes back to the workaday grind, and before you know it you have fallen back into those old habits where you feel stressed and you realize that you aren’t giving your children the best of you. With this in mind, what are the ways for you to make sure that you are always giving your best, despite feeling below average?

Taking More Breaks

You may feel that it’s a luxury you cannot afford. But taking more breaks in life gives you the opportunity to step away from everything and gain some perspective on the situation. Throw caution to the wind on occasion and in these times when vacations are not a viable option, we can go on a road trip. Road trips are a fantastic way to have a little bit more adventure but with half the budget. And while being out on a road trip can throw up many problems, not least car issues, and accidents, with the huge amount of highly skilled and experienced injury lawyers around, it shouldn’t be stressful. But we have to remember that when it comes to taking breaks in life and throwing caution to the wind, it’s that careful balance of weighing up the risks versus the benefits. Taking more breaks in life will be beneficial for you in the long run.


Spend Some Time on You

We can feel that we have to give everything of ourselves to make sure that our children benefit in life. The one mistake in going about things this way is that we end up neglecting ourselves. But in addition to this, we can end up being overprotective of our kids. By spending some time on yourself it works to help fine-tune the issues you may have with yourself, while also giving your children the space to develop their own resilience. Because being an overprotective parent is something that we can battle with for so long that when our children are let out into the big wide world, they won’t necessarily have the coping skills. By spending some time fine-tuning your own abilities to relax and grapple with your parental issues means that everybody in the household benefits.


Tell the Truth

Being more truthful with your children and yourself will mean you are able to slowly bring down the screen that separates you from the real-world. We can feel that we have to be a strong mother figure. But telling the truth isn’t just a great way to instill honesty in our children but it helps us to admit to ourselves when we are not operating at full capacity. Sometimes we have to throw our hands up in the air and say “I need a break.” Telling the truth in this respect is always going to benefit everybody and means that the children will see the honest side of you rather than the person trying to keep everything together. 

In most cases, if both parents are not on good terms, this can adversely affect a child. And there is no telling how far beyond the outcomes can impact your child’s life. For example, suppose you are the kind of person who constantly argues with your partner in front of your kids. In that case, this can cause psychological trauma, sleep disturbance, mental breakdowns, depression, and other serious health issues in your child.

Besides, not being on good terms with your partner can affect you adversely, and in return, you will not be a better parent to your kid. You may also find yourself taking out your anger and frustration on your kid. If you want to ensure your child grows in the right environment, it would be best to solve issues with your partner.

You can sit and discuss your problems or seek guidance from a marriage/relationship counselor. However, sometimes, you may find that no matter how much you try to solve problems with your partner, it just isn’t enough. This is mainly for anyone living with a narcissistic partner. If that is the case, it is worth divorcing a narcissistic spouse than spending your whole life feeling unappreciated and taken for granted.

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