Lemon Layers Cheesecake

A layered lemon cheesecake.  A full on cheesecake layered between lemon cake, then iced. What a surprise inside!

lemon layer cheesecake

Have you missed me?

Or have you even noticed I was gone?

I hope you noticed. But, now I’m back. Well, this CAKE is back, anyway. And what a cake it is!

Similar to my birthday cake, but with a springtime influence. Think two super fat layers of lemon cake, filled with lemon zest and vanilla buttercream and a full sized New York style cheesecake sandwiched in between with tons of fresh strawberries! (The cheesecake alone is to die for…trust me!)

I used Dorie Greenspan’s Perfect Party Cake recipe for the cake layers, just added lemon zest and a few drops of lemon oil to the batter (I used her trick of rubbing the zest in with the sugar to really bring out the flavor). And for the cheesecake layer – I went with my favorite recipe – the one I use that has yet to crack, yet to burn, yet to fail me even once! I like things I can count on.

The icing, I apologize, I don’t have a recipe for. It’s basically me dumping sugar and butter together with cream and lemon zest and juice until I got the flavor I wanted. You can do that, too. Or, go with you own special recipe – anything would be yummy.

Be warned folks, this is one TALL cake, and it weighs over 7 pounds. It’s a doozy- pretty impressive!

Have a great week, and I hope to be back here in full swing really soon…thanks to you all!

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