The Four Seasons Boston

The Four Seasons Boston. Beantown. The land of a thousand universities.

four seasons boston

The city I will one day live, should I ever live in a city.

It’s stunning, rich in history with a small town feel, but ever-so-cosmopolitan. I felt comfortable walking around at night, I loved the green parks, the shopping (of course) the food, the feel, just – everything.

And I of course loved my hotel…The Four Seasons Boston.


I know I am a spoiled little girl. In fact, so spoiled that a local woman I have known since I was, oh, 12 years old informed someone recently that I had “gotten too big for my britches.”


C’mon now…be nice.

So maybe I’ve gotten a little used to the finer things since starting this blogging/touring/food and travel writing lifestyle. I can admit that. Especially when I get to stay in luxury places like The Four Seasons.

I’ve been incredibly lucky – I’ve visited a few now. Beverly Hills. Seattle. Miami. LA. Baltimore. And the most recent? Boston.

As if getting to hole up at the Four Seasons Boston for 4 days isn’t enough, this hotel treated me like royalty. Perhaps they do this for everyone – but wow. The attention to detail, the friendliness, the service? It can’t be beat. Imagine walking into your giant room with a view over the park and what catches your eye on the desk?

A plate full of personalized S’mores Cupcakes.


I mean really. These people!

I had an amazing time there, and slept like a baby. The amenities, the shower, the bed…all beyond compare. And to top things off? I was invited to bring a friend to dinner in their incredible restaurant.

I know!


So…in stepped my new friend Melanie, who I shall never give up. It was torture, getting her to agree to a nice dinner at the Four Seasons, I tell you. I almost had to ask her the whole question. Ha! Melanie and I had a four hour gab and food fest full of fun conversation, drinks galore, and food that would make you cry.

Seriously…you must grab a meal there. Must.

But let’s get to the reason I was actually IN Boston. That would be stop two of the cookbook tour. Thanks to Melanie’s connections, I joined a great group of bloggers in Cambridge at Craigie on Main for a sassy little brunch to promote the book. We had a great time, courtesy of Hershey, who again loaded us up on sweet swag and full bellies. It was so much fun!



Luckily I am going to get to see a couple of these feisty bloggers next weekend when I am in Greenwich, as they’ve got tickets to the festival! That means my demo tent won’t be entirely empty, right? (Fingers crossed!)

I hope you enjoy these little cookbook tour posts, as I really enjoy getting to share the wonderful places I get to visit. I feel so lucky to have these opportunities, and if it weren’t for you all, dropping by here to hear what I have to say, I know I wouldn’t HAVE these opportunities. So THANK YOU. I really do appreciate each and every one of your visits. Just comment! Let me know you were here! I’d love to see who is stopping by.

And thanks Hershey’s for another fun stop on the cookbook train, and Four Seasons Boston? Oh my heavens. Thanks for the hospitality! Next up from the travel log…my train ride to New York City and The Waldorf Astoria!

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