Dark Chocolate & Almond Brownies

I can’t leave the different flavors of Scharffen Berger chocolate alone.  I’m already addicted to the dark, the milk, the semi-sweet.  But then, they had to go and put almonds in some of their bars.


I had to make brownies out of them.

However, the almonds are packed into their milk chocolate bar, and I crave dark chocolate in my brownies.  What to do? I added dark chocolate chunks.  That resulted in gooey bites of rich chocolate, perfect for brownies.

I love the consistency of these brownies – fudgy, rich, not at all cakelike.  The bites of almond are welcome and offer a great flavor. The top gets that delicious crust.  What more could you ask for in a brownie?






Thanks to ALL of you who have stuck through the problems I have been having with the site the past few weeks.  It turns out that some very sophisticated hackers took over and caused a LOT of problems.  After 3 solid days of several people working in tandem, the site is squeaky clean, on a brand new server (you’ll notice it loads much quicker) and instead of being a .net, all of the posts are .com…something I wanted anyway, but my previous tech did NOT do two years ago when I changed over to a self hosted site.

I won’t name names.

All is right with the world now, no bugs, and LOTS of security in place to keep anything bad from happening again.

What do you think? Better?  Anything in particular you’d like to see here that I could possibly do?  Say the word!

Please be sure to come back tomorrow…I’ve started working with Lowes Creative Ideas, and I have a kids/guest bathroom makeover that I am really proud of and I think it will give you some good ideas for your own home! See you then!